CNC Wood Router Machine For Sale

  • Amount: 569000 INR / Unit
  • Location: Coimbatore
  • State: Tamil Nadu
  • Country: India

Product Description

These machines can be employed to produce extremely complex parts out of: Natural wood , Wood composite materials, Plywood, Particle board, OSB, MDF, MDO, HDO, Gypboard, Butter Board, plywood, LDF, MDF, HDF, Composites, Leather, Aluminum, Veneers, Vinyl

Detailed Specification of Product

Working Area : 1300*2500*200mm (4*8), Spindle : Water Cooling Spindle 3.0 kW, Control System : DSP A11S Control System, Drive System : Lead shine stepper motors and drivers.

Applications | Industry

Wood Carving, Pattern Making, Cabinet making, Furniture fabrication, Plastic Fabrication, Cutting boards, PCB fabrication, Template manufacturing, Artistic Carvings, Decoration cutting

Other Details

  • Brand: ROBOZZ
  • Price: 569000 INR / Unit
  • Stock Availability: Yes
  • Delivery Time: 7 days
  • Warranty Terms: 1 Year from the date of Delivery
  • After Sales Support:
  • Installation & Training: The price mentioned includes installation and training for one operator at the time of installation.

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